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As we were driving back up to Blandford from New York, all happy to see the baby boy and Jack, we were in the last leg of the trip, just 35 minutes to go and home! My hubby was working on his laptop as he always does, he can easily work a million hours, he loves his work that much. All of a sudden I felt a tire go, it was subtle but then there was a noise, confirmation that a tire had gone. I pulled over to the side and my hubby looked out the window “yep we have a flat” He made sure that I stayed in the car and he rolled his sleeves up and went to work. He took out the owner’s manual, looked it over to familiarize himself with all of the necessary gadgets and emptied out the trunk contents into the back seat, pulled the spare out and the tools. Two cars stopped to see if my hubby had it all in hand, the second car actually pulled off to the side and the gentleman came to help with the nuts and the wrench. He stayed for a few minutes just to make sure that my hubby had it all under control, which he did, and he left. My hubby only had me get out of the car when it came time to jack up the car. I was so very impressed with how quickly my hubby changed the tire, it was very cold, only 17 degrees outside, but you wouldn’t have known it from seeing him in action. I am so thankful that we were together and thankful that it happened on route eight and not on the highway. In all of my years driving, I have never changed a tire. It is not something that I am proud of, I am familiar with the steps but I am not comfortable with the execution. The thing that makes me nervous is putting the jack in the right place or more precisely the wrong place, I am worried that either I would bend the frame by putting it under the wrong spot or the car might drop. My hubby made it look so easy, he got the jack under the car and bingo the car was up just high enough to get the flat tire out. Hooray for my hubby!!!

We got back home safe and sound, if I had been alone, I would have been forced to wait for Triple A and who knows how long that would have taken, it probably would have been dark before I had gotten home and no one wants to be on route 8 alone in the cold at night with a flat tire. That is why my hubby is my hero, he saved me from being stuck, cold and alone in the dark waiting for Triple A.