What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to?

Since this is about bff’s (best friend forever) I am going to write about my earliest and longest best friend friendship, Teri. I learned so much from our friendship, but the most important lesson was to live free, be free and poke at the restrictions that surround you in life. When we were adolescents we were quite a pair, full of vim, vigor and vinegar. The things that we did together and all of it cemented our bond; from running away together, running around the neighborhood together, spending hours on the phone, commuting to school together, taking her grandfather’s car for a joyride together. Yes we were crazy teenager’s and we got in trouble, but we stuck together and sowed our wild oats together.

Before Teri, I was more or less a shy, scared child, very insecure and really scared of confrontation and extremely studious. My teachers all loved me, but I couldn’t bear all of the yelling at other children. Teri was and still is a confident, self assured person and she wasn’t afraid of anyone or anything. She took risks and pushed the envelope and if it didn’t work out, she paid the piper. I learned that often what scared me the most was really all in my head and nothing in reality ever came close to how bad I had imagined it. Teri and I had so much fun and we felt so safe and secure with each other, there was nothing that Teri could ever say or do that would ever change how I felt or feel about her, I cherished her friendship and cherish her friendship.

She got me out of my shell, and made me feel valued as a person and as a friend. Everyone should have a Teri in their life, someone who shakes things up a little. We never graduated to a life of crime, even though after rereading what crazy stuff we pulled, some might have thought otherwise, we did get it all out of our system. We are friends through think and thin, all for one and one for all, though we never found the third musketeer.