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Tonight my hubby and I arrived in Northern Virginia and after we got settled into our room; my hubby suggested Japanese for dinner, I can never say no to Japanese, when we got to the restaurant, just down the road from the hotel, I looked through the menu looking for a hearty soup to warm my bones. I found it, Sansai Udon, a soup with Japanese mountain vegetables, seaweed, spinach and fish cake, it sounded perfect.


It tasted really good but I could have done with more vegetables, not in replacement of the udon noodles, the amount of udon noodles was just fine, just more vegetables in general. The spinach and seaweed was a welcome treat in the soup, it made the whole experience feel even more healthy and good for me. That was exactly what I was looking for; something warming, soothing and really good for me. My hubby got a big Bento box; those are always fun because you have little partitions filled with a different thing, a California roll in one partition, shrimp and vegetable tempura in another, sashimi in another and some special treat in the other part. By the time that we were finished with dinner, we were both very full, we also drank a lot of green tea, that filled us up quite a bit. I’m sure that in a few hours, we’ll be less full.

So far since we have been in Virginia; we have had wonderful French food, very good Vietnamese food and now great Japanese. Hopefully we’ll find a good Thai, for some reason I doubt that we will find Korean, to me that is more of a New York thing, I don’t know of any in Boston or perhaps it is because I haven’t researched it, but it is for that reason that I am thinking that we won’t find Korean here in Virginia. I could be wrong. I am going to look into that after I look into finding a Thai place.

So for a Sunday night, we did pretty well. We left Jack in the excellent care of our baby boy. He was missing Jack so much last week that we didn’t have the heart of taking Jack away from him again. So our two baby boys are bonding together back at home.