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I do not appreciate country music except for Willie Nelson, I love Willie Nelson; all of his songs, especially this one and the duet he did with Julio Eglesias “To All the Girls I loved Before”

As my hubby and I were driving back up to Massachusetts, we’re home hooray! Jack is thrilled by the way, so is the baby boy, his gigging went great but he missed Jack a lot. Willie Nelson was singing to me in my head as the miles melted under our wheels. New Jersey is one very long state, Washington D.C, Virginia, Delaware and Maryland are all mushed up, so that part goes by pretty quickly, because you have to concentrate on the road and staying on the right highway, but New Jersey just goes on and on and on. My favorite part of the road trip is going over the Delaware Memorial bridge, it always reminds me of my little sister and how much fun we had the few times that I went to pick her up when she was a student at University of Delaware. The bridge is a beautiful one, twin suspension and it makes a gorgeous backdrop to the grand river below.

I know that a few of my friends are big country music fans and while I don’t like most of it, I do love Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Tracy Atkins; those three in my mind are more than country, they are great music, classic that will always stand the test of time.