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See these incredible photos of remote tribes, “before they pass away.” By @BBC (via @Upworthy)

I subscribe to a website called Upworthy and I find so many nuggets of knowledge that I often share on my twitter feed. That is all that I do with twitter, I share, either small gems of interest and/or my posts, both personal and political, but today I wanted to share these pictures with you. The pictures go hand in hand with the video that shows photographer Jimmy Nelson who spent four years working on this, speaking about his project and his passion for documenting 29 tribes from all over the world at risk for disappearance.

There is so much knowledge at risk of extinction especially in terms of herbal medicinal lore and survival techniques, not to mention just the sheer beauty of their respective cultures.

I found the pictures to be singularly beautiful and each person’s eyes were so soulful and deep. The fabrics and jewelry adorning each tribes person was exquisite and unique. Anthropologically these tribes are virtual gold mines for scientists, researchers, linguists and doctors. I am not advocating that we put these tribes under a microscope, I am simply saying that we as a society have much to relearn from these tribes. I think that sometimes with the advent of technology, we have put away too much from the past and it is not to our benefit.

We are so very lucky to live in this world, just a few hours ago I wasn’t aware of this photographer’s four year commitment to these tribes and all it took was a click and Boom, my day was enhanced and enlightened. Similarly, as I go outside with Jack for his walk, I might come across another nugget of beauty and interest somewhere out there in the snow and cold. That is our world and everyday we have the chance to see something beautiful and amazing, all we have to do is open our eyes and embrace it. We are truly lucky.