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The Polar Vortex got drunk again and has decided to repay us a visit, but this time the Polar Vortex brought friends, wind and snow to the party. Since my hubby joined his new firm we have been staying in Northern Virginia and according to the local weather people, Northern Virginia is going to get hammered all day today, I decided to take a picture of the developing snow storm. If you look closely, you can see the big flakes falling down to the ground in front of the cars, being from New York originally and then moving up to Massachusetts, I am very well versed in snow storm and this one doesn’t seem to be that bad so far, but it is only 12:44 p.m so I may be eating my words later on, you never know.


My hubby with his new position will be dividing his time between Northern Virginia, Boston, New York and where ever else potential leads may take him. So we are very excited by this newest change in our lives, I am not sure as to the logistics right now, but I am not scared of change, it can be nerve wracking and anxiety producing, but as long as I breathe slowly and deeply and remind myself that everything will be fine in the end and if it isn’t fine then it isn’t yet the end, I’ll be fine. My hubby is very excited, he sees all of the potential and the possibilities with this new firm and it makes me so happy to see him so enthusiastic with the firm, his boss and everyone else at the firm. This is a new and exciting chapter in our lives and I’ll be sharing our new adventures as usual.