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Yesterday I made pizzas once again, two pies, for the three of us. As I was preparing them and getting them ready to put in the oven, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to sell my pizzas. The two pies did go really quickly, there were only three slices left for the next day and as of now, those three slices are long gone. Both the baby boy and my hubby rave to me how good they are, so I get curious and that leads me to daydream about a pizza empire in the Laurie fantasy land that is my imagination.


Now I know that owning and operating any food establishment is as far from fantasy land as you can imagine, I know that from seeing my father handle the day to day operations and responsibilities of his restaurant. So my flights of fancy are just that, flights of fancy. However it doesn’t change the fact that I love cooking and baking for not only my family, but for people in general.

I have a fairly large amount of puff pastry dough that I made during the holiday’s in the freezer, this is the first time that I froze the excess amount and I am curious to see how it will thaw, so next weekend I am contemplating what to create with this puff pastry dough. I know that Pillsbury puff pastry sheets work quite well when defrosted, but is that because of the additives or does puff pastry dough in general freeze well? Next weekend I will find out, the question remains; what should I bake? The issue at hand is that it is only the three of us and I am on a diet so what to do with the extra’s. I could, I suppose, give it to the neighbors.

What to bake? Do I make elephant ear cookies, do I make an apple tart, do I go out of the box and do something complicated with pastry cream and whipped cream? I suppose I’ll have to see how I feel next weekend.

These thoughts of baking professionally come and go, it is never serious because I am too fatigued on a good day for it to ever come to fruition, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t dream about it. I do know that in the cold, hard light of reality, I am not talented enough to make a serious go at owning a bakery shop, my baking skills are at the caliber of a home baker, not a professional one. My goodies are made with a lot of love and whenever the people I love eat them and express their appreciation, that is what makes me very happy and fulfilled, I suppose that I start feeling this way when it has been too long since I received a little approbation for my baking efforts. I have to confess that I can be a little needy when it comes to compliments for things that I do and what I create. That is my confession of the day.