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Poor Jack, even though he had the best time with his “cousin” Louie, Louie did kill all of his squeaky toys, save one, his beloved bunny. My hubby saved Jack’s bunny from complete annihilation, thank goodness, by hiding the bunny up high away from Louie’s puppy teeth.


Poor Jack, he has been picking up the destroyed “corpses”, chew on them, listening for his squeaky sound and failing to hear the squeak, dropping them on the floor, leaving them to abandon.





I think that the hubby and I need to perhaps take Jack to Petco to have him be fussed over by the employees, they sure do love dogs over there, and have him help us replenish his toy box. I think that Jack would like that a lot. He is squeaky crazy and it’s so sad to see him sniff around his broken toys looking for the sound he loves so much.