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Last night my hubby and I watched the Golden Globe awards, we usually watch these award shows because it’s fun and we like to see our favorite actors hopefully win for their brilliant work. We were especially keeping our fingers crossed for Jennifer Lawrence, her work in American Hustle was incredible and she won! She is so adorable and her acceptance speech didn’t disappoint, it was precious. After she won, we kept watching because Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were doing an amazing job as hosts and we were still curious as to how other categories were going to be judged. Amy Adams won for American Hustle, we were very happy for her and for some reason I can’t remember some other award winners, I’ll just tell you about what I do remember. I remember that the director for Gravity won and I think he definitely deserved his award. American Hustle won for best Musical or Comedy and Woody Allen won the Cecil B DeMille Award for a lifetime achievement award.

So now to the fashion; personally I admire all of these stars who choose a dress, makeup and shoes knowing full well that every choice will be put under the microscope by fashionistas who are not kind. I would be so ill prepared, I realize that stylists are available, but even though all of these stars have them, it seems that even they can make grave faux pas in taste. Jennifer Lawrence for example has been criticized for her dress, there was even a meme on twitter. I didn’t mind her dress, I mean really, she is so lovely and adorable, she can wear just about anything and make it work, but regardless, her Christian Dior dress did not make the fashion police happy.

There was one dress that I loved and the glowing Kerry Washington was wearing it. She was so gorgeous, the dress draped her baby bump with grace and style and the color against her skin was perfect. The other dress that I fell in love with was the red architectural number that the supporting actress from 12 Years a Slave was wearing; it was majestic, stunning and everything that I could think of in a dress perfect for an awards ceremony. Olivia Wilde was the other actress who was dressed spectacularly, she is expecting and she was radiant in her full length green, sparkly dress.





I don’t know which would be more anxiety producing; the search for the dress, the day of the awards show, the awards ceremony itself or the day after when the verdict is in. I suppose that it’s more than just about what the public says about you, it is really all about the work, or so they say a lot and I hope for their sakes that it is all about the work or else they are simply torturing their egos for things that don’t matter, as in the fashion police’s opinions.