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Our baby girl left for Miami today, I am happy for her and relieved that she is so excited to be at Miami. On the other hand, I miss her already. The minute she left, our baby boy took her to the airport, the house seemed less; less full, less everything. When the baby boy was away at school, it was hard to adjust, what made it easier was that he was much closer and now having him home, I’m happy knowing that he is busy plotting his music career and making progress with his band with their music videos, gigs and recordings.

Last year when the baby girl was at Becker, she was only an hour away and she came back often on weekends, Miami is so far away. I’m glad that during her Christmas break, we did a lot together. This time we aren’t going to see her until possibly late May, it is so far away. She has already talked about how she isn’t going to be here for her birthday, she wants me to mail her a cheesecake, lol. She is going to be twenty, where does the time go? We will figure out what to do for her birthday, she needn’t worry.

The babies did spoil me these past few weeks; they, without my asking or even mentioning it, put all of the Christmas decorations away and they have been doing the dishes, taking care of Jack and just being the best children that you can ask for. I am so lucky.

I am going to do more face time with the baby girl much more often, it will be very good for both of us. It will make the distance less glaring. I am seriously happy for her that she is at a place that makes her excited, curious and independent. I hope that every day, she wakes up curious as to what new thing might happen, what new person she might meet or what new opportunities could present themselves.

No one can ever adequately explain the complexities of parenthood. How no matter how old they get, you can so easily conjure up memories of babyhood and toddlerhood at the drop of a hat. We talk about the push and pull of children towards their parents, but we neglect the talk about the push and pull of parents towards their children. I know that an important part of successful parenting is to provide your children with the best tools for becoming independent and strong, but it is so easy to fall into patterns of wanting to protect them, take care of them and do for them. That is part of why parenting can be tricky, walking the fine balance between the two.

I am a very lucky Maman to have two wonderful babies.