Not only the Northeast but also a large swath of the Midwest and further down South, we are experiencing bone chilling temperatures. I had to write about it because the name Polar Vortex is a new one for me. I am sure that climatologists are familiar with the term and probably use it to describe temperature shifts at the poles, but I have never heard it applied to the continental United States. As I have been reading about this new term for us amateur weather people, inhabitants of planet Earth, I learned that this Polar Vortex has taken a drunken tour down to visit the United States, instead of staying up North where it lives. I can understand wanting to visit other places, but I am pretty sure that ten minutes into the Polar Vortex drunken visit down South, we felt that it had overstayed its visit.

I know that I write often enough that time rushes by too quickly, but trust me when I write this, I cannot wait for Thursday when the temperatures come back to a balmier 35-40 degrees. This is not pleasant by any stretch of the imagination. So if you are in the throes of the Polar Vortex, stay warm and just remember that the drunken climate shift will be over soon.