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I told my hubby that I decided to take a break from ice cream because I have been feeling icky, bloated and fat. It isn’t a bad thing to lay off the ice cream because honestly it is full of sugar and fat. My hubby, I think, probably feels that I am going overboard in my breakup with my favorite dessert.

Having said this, imagine my reaction when while I was waiting in the car while he went into the convenience store at the gas station and I see him come out with a bag and a huge self-satisfied smile on his face. My hubby made a purchase of something that I have always had a soft spot for, the Snickers bar, but not just any Snickers bar, the biggest bar that I have ever seen.


I know that my hubby bought these goodies with a lot of love in his heart. I also realize that it is my craziness with my weight and how I feel about my body that is driving me to want to take a break from ice cream and from all sweets in general. I’m lucky that I have a hubby who is very concerned about my well-being both physically, mentally and emotionally. But I still wish that he hadn’t purchased a Snickers bar that will tempt me to no end, the naughty man.