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When and where do you do your best thinking? In the bathroom? While running? Just before bed, or first thing in the morning? On the bus? Why do you think that is?

Now I have Tina Turner’s gorgeous voice stuck in my head, she is belting out “You’re Simply The Best, better than all the rest”. She will be singing in my head for probably hours to come, I am not complaining, it could be far worse. I love Tina Turner, she has gumption plus the best legs and what a terrific dancer.

Anyway, my best time for thinking is definitely in the morning hours when my brain is both fresh and refreshed. I just typed the word fresh twice and it suddenly has lost all recognizability for me, has that ever happened to you? You write down a word that you have seen and used a million times and all of a sudden, it loses all familiarity. It has happened to me before, very rarely, but it throws me for a loop. LOL I am writing this past the morning hour span of fresh thinking, maybe that explains it.

Getting back to when I think the best, apart from the morning hours during breakfast time, I also love to think while walking Jack. I run all kinds of scenarios in my head while we walk very quickly around the mile loop and by the time that we get back home, everything that I had thought about has disappeared in the many footsteps of our walk. Sometimes, something good sticks and I write about it later on, but that is not too often.

I think myself to sleep very easily. Sleep for me is a no brainer, I close my eyes and think of something, anything and I’m asleep. What is nice is that sometimes, my thoughts become dreams or what has bothered me gets woven into my dreams and somehow gets resolved some way or the other and I feel better even if I don’t know exactly why.

But really when does a person ever stop thinking? Part of what scares me about no longer being here, is the idea that my brain won’t be on anymore and my thoughts will be gone, like a lightbulb shut off forever. I can’t even imagine it, because my mind or brain doesn’t know how to shut off while I am conscious. That is what scared me when I was five years old and realizing that one day I was not going to wake up and I was not going to be anymore, that it was going to be something more than darkness, it was going to be nothingness.

Okay I went dark there, I am turning back to cheerier thoughts, one of my favorite things to think about is food and specifically planning desserts, which one to make, how much to make of it and who will like it. Things like that make me quite happy and I can spend tons of time thinking about cooking and baking, gardening and writing as well.

Constantly what is on my mind with the thinking thing is what will I write about and what do I need to learn about New York that will help me with my book. These are thoughts that occupy me and keep my creative juices percolating. All in all I think that this was a relatively interesting prompt to write about, thanks Daily Prompt people for a nice idea.