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Our cousins came for a visit and we got to meet the newest puppy, Louie, a pit bull/bulldog mix. He is very handsome and very, very sweet. Jack and Louie have become fast friends, running around and playing tug of war with all of Jack’s toys. They are both napping with Carly, who is Louie’s proud Mama.


I made four pizza pies for our guests yesterday and they are all gone. So tonight will be roast pork tenderloin, potatoes au gratin and cauliflower au gratin. The house smells very nice and comforting right now, since everything is currently in the oven. As I was pulling the pizzas out of the oven, I got to baptize my newest kitchen tool, a wonderful pizza cutter that my two babies gave me for Mother’s Day, I was very excited to use it and it worked really well.




It is so much fun to use new gadgets, kitchen stores are my weak point, especially Williams-Sonoma, one of my favorite stores, I love to lose myself in there, looking at all of the beautiful shiny toys. I don’t need to buy any of it, I just like to look and imagine what I would do with whatever caught my eye.