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Today is the first day of 2014, Happy New Year everyone! I am a little blue today having said good bye to last year. The first of the new year always leaves me a little melancholic and sad. Last year, I was used to and had gotten to know it quite well and now I had to bid it adieu, not even au revoir. Au revoir in French means “till we see each other again” it isn’t as final as good bye. Adieu means “to God” so maybe that does mean good bye in all of its finality, the word God is in there and where would we be seeing God together, but in heaven? I’m just thinking out loud here. Suffice it to say, I don’t like saying good bye to time spent, I wish that there was a way to hold onto time how you wanted to; I’m sure that there are periods of time that many of us would love to speed up, sort of ripping a bandaid off if you will, and there are periods of time that many of us would love to slow down frame by frame. That could be a nice fantasy to have, being one’s own time manager. Actually Doctor Who has a great name the “Time Lords” I’d like to be my own Time Lord.

Well, today I’m still getting used to the idea of 2014. I wonder how many times I will write 2013, before I get it right, I hope that it won’t number in the hundreds, lol!!!

Here is to a brand spanking new year for us all. Cheers!