Today is my fourth anniversary at WordPress. I have been posting every day for four solid years, hooray for me! It has become a tradition for me to re-post my first piece of writing on WordPress so that you can see where it started, all with a simple question “3 countries I’d like to visit and why” I have to say that WordPress made it very easy for me to keep posting with their wonderful series PostaDay. Those prompts generated thought and out of thought came words on a screen. I am so happy to be a member of such a great community of writers. Thanks for staying on the journey with me.


I am re-posting my very first post on WordPress because this is the second anniversary of my blog and I thought that you would be interested to see how I started my blog. It was through the use of the Daily Prompt which inspired my answer; answering a simple question is a great way to get the writing flowing.

I had stumbled onto WordPress by sheer accident. I was reading something on the internet and I clicked on a link which got me to Black Water Dog’s blog and that got me to another blog written by Kolembo who is a brilliant poet and I said to myself “why not do this for myself?” So that is how I got here.


I know the 3 countries I’d like to visit and why, I just can’t give either of the 3 any priority due to the fact these would be…

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