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Tell us about a time you’d been trying to solve a knotty problem — maybe it was an interpersonal problem, a life problem, a big ol’ problem — and you had a moment of clarity when the solution appeared to you, as though you were struck by lightening.

The main thing that this prompt brings to mind is that no matter what kind of problem may have presented itself to me, as long as my mind was racing, solutions weren’t coming. It has always been my experience that as soon as I calmed my mind, that was when I could find a way to solve whatever headache or trouble was plaguing me at the moment.

It works for any kind of problem, I vaguely remember dealing with logistical problems the many, many times that we moved and it was only when I took deep breaths and thought about the problem as a puzzle that it loosened up my thinking and the solutions most often came along fairly easily.

This realization took awhile for me to figure out, I always found solutions when I was younger, but the costs were headaches, stomach problems, frayed nerves and restless nights. As I got older and gained life experience, my eyes opened up to the possibility that it doesn’t have to be so hard. A lot of the hardship is in the mind, because mostly through fear and insecurity, I amplified the issues and the consequences. When I would tackle whatever was on my plate calmly and head on, that was when I saw that it wasn’t as horrible as I thought that it was going to be, I had stressed myself into a panic for the wrong reasons.

I can’t be more specific because I can’t remember much of the troubles that I have gone through, not enough to go into interesting detail, I only remember the lessons that I have learned along the road. Don’t rush into much of anything, take a minute to breath and calm your mind. Remember that putting things off does not make them easier to deal with, running away never makes the issue go away and nothing is impossible to overcome. I’m not saying that it won’t be difficult or painful, but it can be overcome.

Breathing is good, calm and peace are wonderful and you are your own best friend.