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We are back home in Massachusetts. Jack was one happy camper when he saw out house as I pulled into our driveway. He is always happy being with us, but he is infinitely happiest when he is back in his house with his backyard and all of his perches. He loves his couches, his beds and his lounge chaise. I love our fireplace in the living room.


The drive back was uneventful except for the one time that the car from the middle lane tried to come over to the left lane and the very spot that I was presently occupying, I didn’t panic, I veered quietly to the left and sped up to get out of his way, all the while making sure that I was clear of any other option that I might have needed. The baby girl and my hubby were barely aware, my hubby actually looked up after I had finished with my maneuvers and said “Good save”.

Other than that, we are safe and sound at home. As soon as we came in, I turned the Christmas light back on, to make it more festive, the days after Christmas are so anti-climatic, a little light brings much needed cheer.