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How better to continue with the Christmas celebrations than a stroll down Fifth Avenue to see all the window decorations and Rockefeller Center. I left Jack with my mother and my hubby and apparently, Jack was miserable the entire time that I was gone. My mother tried her best to distract little Jack with food and his squeaky toys, but to no avail, he was according to her, shaking and trembling from deep within his core. This was happening and I had no idea, I was with my baby girl and we were having a nice time walking down Fifth Avenue, I do have to admit that at one point near Rockefeller Center, I was close to losing it, the crowds were so intense that I was feeling claustrophobic and I wanted to push someone out of my way so that I could escape the sea of humanity.I was feeling like a caged prisoner who had to escape no matter what. Once we were past Rockefeller Center, the crowds had thinned out and I felt much better, this is a huge part of why I have adopted Boston as my new favorite city, the streets rarely ever get clogged and crowded like this by any means. I have patience but when I feel trapped, I lose whatever huge amounts of patience I normally have, my baby girl is well aware of this and she helps, simply by the fact that she calls me on it, and teases me about it which helps me by putting my entire reaction to the situation in proper perspective, she really helps me.

The baby girl took quite a few pictures of our journey down Fifth Avenue and one of the pictures that she took is an upward looking picture of the facade of 9 West 57th Street, this is my favorite building in the city, my husband renovated much of the interior, but what I love is the exterior facade, an excellent example of simplicity and elegance.







New York City is beautiful this time of year and even if I am crazed by the overwhelming crowds, I can’t deny how vibrant and exciting this city is and how it offers something to everyone, all you have to do is look.