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The baby boy couldn’t come down to New York with us due to both his work and music commitments so Jack came in his stead. The four of us drove down, we left in snow and arrived to clouds and slightly higher temperatures. Last night after we had our Christmas dinner and I cleaned up, I packed up my overnight bag, which with all of my traveling recently is more or less always ready to go, the baby girl has been packing her own bag for years now. That leaves Jack and packing for him is just like packing for a toddler. He has his own travel bag and I make sure that his wee wee pads are packed, both his water and food bowls, his toys, his food, his treats and his coat are all packed. I remember doing the same for both the baby boy and the baby girl, but it has been years since I have had to pack as much necessary stuff. Jack brings all these happy memories to the forefront, our little baby Jack. He is a cutie. Even my mother thinks so and she was the one who held out like the trooper she is against getting a puppy. He makes himself right at home and she doesn’t even mind. I suppose it’s because she knows that he isn’t a permanent addition, just a temporary visitor.