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I wish everyone a very happy Christmas Eve because without Christmas Eve, we wouldn’t have Christmas morning. Personally, I think that I prefer Christmas Eve, it is so full of potential and hope, a beautiful and exciting feeling that can’t be recaptured once Christmas morning rolls around. In terms of celebrating and food, it is just as special as Christmas Day dinner.





Tonight’s menu is simple this year, it’s just the four of us so we are starting with shrimp cocktail, pate and French bread and then we will have rack of lamb with asparagus. There is salad and cheese if we want, and for dessert there is cheesecake, but I’m fairly sure that we will wait until tomorrow to dig into the cheesecake, it always does better with an overnight set in the refrigerator. If we want dessert, there is ice cream in the freezer and my hubby bought me Nestle cookie dough, my Kryptonite. We got home from last minute shopping and I put everything away and got to work on the cheesecake, in the back of my head, there was a voice coming from the refrigerator, it was saying “this is your cookie dough calling, come and slice off a big hunk, I taste so good, you know that you want me” And what do you think I did? Just like in the cartoons when you see the hapless person following the floating tendrils through the air to the refrigerator, I succumbed to my weakness, raw cookie dough. For shame, oh well, it’s not as if I do this everyday. I still have a little bit left. It just tastes so good going down.

We are enjoying our quiet Christmas Eve, Jack is hopping back and forth between each of us, depending on who has a smackeral in their hand, the little scamp.