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Today my hubby had meetings in Boston so we drove off to Boston in crazy, hard hitting rain. The temperatures were warmer up in our mountains in the west, 45 degrees as opposed to what we arrived into, 33 degrees of cold rain. My hubby who is always prepared, had his gorgeous large, black, old fashioned umbrella in the trunk and he graciously let me use it, while he went to his meetings wearing his waterproof anorak.

While we were driving towards Boston, I did make it a point to ask if I could use the umbrella and my hubby said that he was proud and excited by the fact that I cared enough to use the umbrella. This is important to know to fully appreciate why me walking in Boston with an umbrella is such a change of pace for me.

Growing up in Astoria and commuting to and fro from Astoria to New York City, I spent years walking up and down practically every single avenue in New York City amongst the other millions of people on a daily basis. Now on cold days, hot days or cloudy days, the people congestion never ever bothered me. It was only during the rainy days that the sheer numbers of people occupying the same sidewalk as I, drove me mad. Umbrellas and people do not mix safely, you can seriously lose an eye. So throughout my years as a pedestrian I shied away from umbrellas. I developed an intense dislike towards umbrellas.



Until today that is. I have to say that walking down the streets in Boston with my hubby’s very large and protective umbrella, I really enjoyed my walk. I did not once have to move umbrella up or down or from left to right. I was able to walk normally without worrying about losing an eye, it was quite civilized I tell you.

New York is thrilling, exciting and unlike many other cities. Boston is now more my speed, leisurely, relaxing and less tumultuous.