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I was a little hasty last week when I pronounced a Winter Wonderland for this year.


We are back to brownish grass and overcast, gloomy skies, a little sad for Christmas. Today in Blandford it was a balmy 60 and Jack and I went outside for a long walk around Blandford. Do I miss the snow? Not really, I only miss the strategically placed snows, the snow that would adorn the great pine trees and the dead grass along the side of the roads. Otherwise I am quite happy that the ice and snow are gone from the driveway and the roads that we drive on, if only because it makes for much safer driving conditions.

I was reading in the Huffington Post earlier today that yesterday Central Park in New York went up to 70, a record breaker, yet in the midwest there were frigid conditions and the difference between the two were making for tornado like events to happen.

Tomorrow we will see temperatures in the 50’s and then on Tuesday we will dip back down to the 20’s and then by next Friday we will be going back up into the 30’s. Personally I would be happy to be at a constant 50, instead of this back and forth of surging and then dipping, you get dizzy trying to regulate the thermostat.

I know that one who talks about the weather doesn’t have much to talk about or so they say, I’m not too sure who “they” is that is saying it, but that is what I have heard. In this instance, however our weather is a little on the weird side, so I feel justified in speaking about it, especially since just last week I was all excited about the Winter Wonderland for this year. I honestly didn’t see our losing all of our snow just days before Christmas, coming. I would not have bet money on this bet, that’s for sure.