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Back on the road, this time with Jack. The baby boy went off to Romulus Michigan to make another music video. The baby girl is coming back from school this week, so she will be finishing the Christmas decorating, all that is left is putting the Christmas candles in the windows and to hang the stockings on the mantle, otherwise the house is more or less set for Christmas.



As you can see, Jack is situated right where he likes it best, on me. As I am fairly sure you have noticed, he definitely has some poundage to lose, his rear end is on the wide side. I got the necessary Healthy Weight dog food so hopefully in one month’s time, Jack will be a little slimmer, the poor lamb. The baby boy hopefully will stop calling him Fatty Magoo, it does suit him, but for his well-being he needs a healthier nickname.

The only downside about traveling with Jack is dealing with his quirkiness regarding where he will or won’t go to the little boys room. I bought the doggie pads, but I am hoping that he will find an acceptable spot somewhere outside. I would have never thought that a dog could be so picky over where to go or where not to go.

Our little Jack is definitely a character.