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The hubby and I decided that today was the day for decorating since Mother Nature was going to send us a lot of snow this weekend and there was nothing better to do. Jack is funny because he really doesn’t like it when I spend most of the day going up and down the stairs and then spend the rest of the time on my feet, he feels deprived of his lap. As I sit and write this post, he is laying half on my lap and now he is content.

Now Jack is off my lap because he heard his Papa in rattling around in the kitchen and that might mean food. He has two loves; food and my lap and once food is done, then my lap is back on his agenda.


The tree is up and decorated, after I had put all the lights up on the tree, they are brand new strands and the new fangled led lights to boot, I plugged them in and one strand is a different kind of clear light, it looks sort of yellow compared to the other three strands. My hubby and I both noticed it before I put the rest of the decorations, if I had taken the offending strand out it would have left a gaping hole so I left it. Now that the tree is decorated, it doesn’t bother me. However there is a glaring difference in the picture, oh well.

The stair bannister is decorated with garland and lights and my work is done, except for the Christmas cards that I am going to write this evening.

Christmas is coming up faster and faster and I am a little bit more ready today than I was yesterday, hooray!