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Today my hubby and I went to see The Hobbit in 3D, normally I dislike 3D, but in this case it was justified. I loved it, anything Tolkien and directed by Peter Jackson, I will love it. I know that, for many who are avid Tolkien fans, the movie does stray sort of far off the course of the book, but I don’t care. This is a spectacular visual, living, breathing world full of elves, dwarves, hobbits, wizards and orcs, not to mention humans and one stupendous dragon and I will follow and join the journey no matter where it takes me. There are all of the ingredients necessary to ensnare me for the ride; courage, bravery, nobility, adventure and danger. Did I mention that there is a dragon?

Oh Benedict Cumberbatch, my new crush. His voice, what an instrument, his voice is Smaug, Smaug the terrible. And I can’t forget Bilbo, as Gandolph would say Hobbits are the most curious creatures, full of surprises to the very end and full of untapped sources of courage.

The dwarves, now that I have been able to visit with them a while longer, I can safely say that Kili is one of my faves for his cheerfulness and bravery, his brother Fili is rather nice also, Thorin the King does have the potential for greatness, we see it under the surface. Balin the elder dwarf is, in my mind, the wisest. The rest also have their own personalities which came across much more clearly the second time around.

I really enjoyed visiting with my friends once again and I can’t wait to see them for part three.