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Who is the person in your life who can do no wrong? Describe this person and tell us why you hold them in such high esteem.

Aside from my two babies, because that is too easy and aside from my little baby boy Jack, because again that is too easy. I have to say that it would be my little sister. I know that I am guilty of tormenting her when we were younger, that is what older sisters do, but I have always had a very protective streak when it came to protecting my little sister from others. I remember getting very angry and expressing my anger towards my mother when one night when my little sister was the last one at the table eating, as she was every night and my mother lost her patience and made her cry, my little sister started choking and I came to her defense. I don’t remember if or how much trouble I got into that time, but I didn’t like it when my little sister was beset upon, that was my job. I admit that I probably wasn’t a great older sister, but I took my responsibility of trying to look out for her seriously, at least from others.

Even back then I was proud of her, all of my former teachers loved her, she was adorable, quiet, a pleasure to have in class, hard working and listened extremely well. We went to the same schools, I was four years ahead of her so I would go visit my teachers and they would gush as to how delighted they were to have her in their class. It made me feel really good to hear them say that about my little sister.

And I am still so proud of her, I don’t tell her, but I am. She is smart, funny, beautiful, a great mother, a great wife, she’s great. I never worried about how she was going to make out in life, I knew that she would find her way and make it into what she wanted it to be. She did precisely that.