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Okay, it isn’t exactly frightful but it is coming down at a fairly steady pace and doesn’t show signs of letting up. I think that we may see about 3 or 4 inches, just enough to make traffic later on a huge mess.

I’m just posting to show a picture that I took and tried to enhance. I’m still experimenting with the filters, the enhancement feature and the cropping mechanism on my iPhone. It does make taking pictures even more interesting, just manipulating the different looks a picture could have is fun



I don’t know which look I prefer, the tonal look is so eery, perfect for the thick grey overhang of the wintry air up above. The normal look does show brand new snowflakes, those are always so pretty and pristine, just dropped from the sky. I like both, they just evoke different emotional responses, is what I think and I can’t pick which one is better.