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My poor baby Jack has been vomiting for the past two days. At first I thought that he must have eaten something off his Papa’s plate that didn’t agree with him, but my hubby and I decided just how long can that be used as an explanation before poor Jack passes out from lack of nourishment. The poor thing hasn’t kept anything down, not even a dog biscuit or water. Yesterday being Sunday, we couldn’t even bring him to the vet, but today I made the appointment.

Our little man is such a little trooper at the vet’s office. My hubby and I both went down to see the vet with Jack, solidarity that is what this family is all about. I told my hubby that Jack was going to get the weigh in before being seen by the doctor and I was sure that we were going to be reprimanded for Jack’s weight. Wouldn’t you know it, but I was correct. Jack even after vomiting for two days weighed in at 18 lbs. That is so bad!!! He was supposed to lose a half a pound, way back when he was just 16 lbs.

But first thing is first, why is our little man vomiting? We don’t know, we know that he is parasite free after having his anal glands cleared (yuck) and we know that he doesn’t have pancreatis because when the doctor massaged his little tummy, he couldn’t care less. So we know what he doesn’t have, we just don’t know what he has, he is having a diet of rice and plain chicken, that is what we know and hopefully he will keep that down.

Now onto his weight loss, the vet told me that perhaps his dog food was too caloric for his activity level. She was being polite, she was essentially saying that Jack doesn’t merit a Pro-Active dog food, he needs a Healthy Weight dog food, he isn’t the athletic type of dog and should be fed accordingly. So I got him a Healthy Weight dog food and we are hoping that in a month’s time, we shall see at least a pound of weight loss.

So that was my adventure today, I hope that our little Jack feels better, the poor lamb.