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It’s that time of year again; time to bake some Christmas cookies for holiday cookie swaps, the baby boy and his friends and my hubby, the baby girl isn’t home yet, but rest assured when she gets back home, I will be baking again. This year I decided to try a new cookie; the fruit preserve and almond shortbread cookie. The picture of the cookie is very pretty, a nice golden brown, tall shortbread cookie with a round circle of fruit preserve.


Argh! Mine once again, no matter how many dozen I baked today, were flat, golden brown, though at least the fruit preserves stayed in the middle, at least I had that. Why did they fall flat? I don’t know, frustrating I tell you. I followed the many tips and hints, I put the dough rolled out into balls with the indentations filled with fruit preserves in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes prior to putting them in the oven, I lowered the oven temperature and I made sure not to over-bake, but alas they still fell flat. However, boy are they good. They are so buttery, it is truly decadent, oh my goodness me. I love almonds in pastry, I love almonds in cookies, I love almonds everywhere and they are so lovely in the shortbread cookie.

Here I’ll show how they turned out, they are almost embarrassing to bring to the cookie swap, but what can you do, I did make over 6 dozen and they are yummy for the tummy. Hopefully whoever picks them, will enjoy them so much that they’ll just eat them without noticing, I do have to mention that the ladies who take part in my friend’s cookie swap are extraordinarily talented and their cookies are always so pretty as well as really good. One of these days, perhaps, maybe, I’ll get the hang of making things as pretty as they are good, one of these days, eventually, hopefully.