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I am sitting with a big belly having just finished eating with the family. It was a very lovely meal, we laughed and talked about so many different things. The baby girl’s friends from overseas have just had their first Thanksgiving and they seemed to have enjoyed it a lot, not just the funny conversations but the food as well. Our baby boy invited his special friend and she is very lovely, polite and adorable, she fit right in. Jack is a very happy camper today, between acting like a food vacuum while I was prepping and cooking to wandering amongst the chairs and underneath the table, he is at last satiated, I think.

The menu was fairly simple; chickens from a French breed that I had ordered online from JoyceFarms.com, they were very tasty and I felt good about serving them, the chickens are allowed to forage outside, they live longer and their feed is GMO free. I also made roasted winter vegetables and quinoa with roasted garlic and balsmic vinegar for those who are vegetarians meaning our foreign visitors, I made a spinach gratin and mashed potatoes as well. But before all of this we had a ton of oysters, I believe that the first Thanksgiving had oysters as part of the menu so we kept with tradition.

For dessert I made two pumpkin pies and a galette de pommes or apple tarte. We haven’t gotten to dessert yet because we are all digesting the oysters and the main fare.

I am thankful for everyone in my life, I am thankful for my health and I am thankful for being.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.