for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow! Tell us about your last dinner — the food, your dining companions, the setting, the conversation.

Just a little bit on the depressing side aren't we on this nice day. Ideally since it would be the last day for all of humanity I would want to have as many of my family gathered at my uncle's house as possible in France. I would want to replicate the joyous family celebrations that my uncle, my aunts have thrown over the years ever since I can remember. My hubby has been to a few, as my babies have as well, and they loved them. I think that from the last count we were at 80, so with this being the final celebration a few years later, I think that we may well be at 100 for the family dinner or the last supper.

We would start with the aperitif, where amuse bouches and canapes would be wandering on beautiful trays all around the terrace and the grounds of my uncle's house. There would be the usual open bar and the tables would be beautifully appointed outside along the gardens that surround my uncle's house. It really is a beautiful setting for a dinner party; the trees, shrubs and huge terra cotta pots filled with geraniums, bergonias, and impatiens. The menu would be fairly simple. We would start with coquille Saint Jacques gratinee and then we would have a refreshing tart salad to cleanse our palates. The coquille Saint Jacques would be presented in its scalloped shell with seafood and spring vegetables in a bechamel and Swiss cheese melted on top, it is delicious. The salad would be very light to counterbalance the richness of the first course. The main course would be my favorite; breast of duck served with a green peppercorn cream sauce with string beans sauted with garlic and steamed baby potatoes. We would then have a green salad and the cheese course and dessert would follow later.

The conversation would be never ending because my family has thousands of opinions and they aren't shy to share them which is what makes them so lovable. It would be a glorious day that turns into a glorious night which would have us greet the next day together as a family with each of us on our minds.

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