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What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?

Actually it was something extremely frivolous. It involved my favorite soap opera General Hospital. I have watched General Hospital off and on ever since I was a little girl. One of my fondest memories growing up is sitting on the couch in our apartment on 24th Street to the left of my mother and my little sister sitting on her right and my mother feeding us both a spoonful at a time of Cream of Wheat while she watched General Hospital. I still remember all of the original characters; Steve Hardy, Jesse Brewer, Audrey Hardy, I forget her maiden name, Rick Webber, Jeff Weber, Leslie Webber, Diana and etc. If any of you are soap opera fans then you understand what I mean, the history of a soap opera is so very important to the fans because the soap opera is essentially a family’s history and you cannot disturb the actual history just for ratings. General Hospital on average does very well with respecting all of the families back story and for forty years now I have been a fan and now with the internet I can cheat and google story spoilers when ever I want.

I normally never want to know what might happen down the road, but when I have a favorite character or actor involved, sometimes the suspense gets to be too much and I need a sneak peek to make myself feel better. This is November and for soap operas it means sweeps, basically soap operas across the board are dishing out their big nail biter stories, all in the name of advertising dollars, the more viewers, the more exposure for product and the more dollars the advertisers are willing to fork over to the networks to broadcast their commercials. It’s all a business and all about money, I know, but for the soap opera fan it is all about the story, the characters and the respect to the fan from the writers and the producers.

So I googled just yesterday what was potentially going to happen for tomorrow regarding the newest character Franco and his art show, the writers are trying to redeem this character Franco because when he was originally introduced several years ago, he was a psychopathic serial killer who happened to be a world renown artist, he was played by James Franco the film actor and now the character Franco has been taken over by one of my all-time favorite soap opera actors Roger Howarth. The writers in their quest to redeem Franco, gave him a brain tumor in his frontal lobe, essentially making the tumor the bad guy and now that Franco is tumor free, he is a redeemed person. Unfortunately with the removal of his tumor, he lost his artistic mojo. He is also broke because he had several civil suits pending ready to grab his millions so he needs an art show, but since he can’t find it in himself to produce art, he borrowed some works from his number one fan, his seriously deranged and psychotic cousin Heather Webber. This obviously will be a problem so that is why I cheated and looked at the website dedicated to General Hospital Spoilers, I am worried for Franco and others but primarily Franco.

And there you have it, another one of my guilty pleasures.