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Last night my hubby and I were watching Booth and Bones together on their honeymoon. I won’t give away any spoilers for those who aren’t up to speed with the episodes. Basically what has kept this t.v show high on my favorite list is the evolution of the main character that is Temperance Brennan aka Bones. She or her character is of course based on a series of books and a real person, but for me the viewer, Bones has become a “real” person throughout the years, all because of her exposure to other “real” people such as Agent Booth.

One of the things that make my heart sing is when Bones lets herself be vulnerable with Booth by acknowledging her inability to gauge people for who they are and what they are hiding and relying on Booth for the answers and trusting him to not lead her astray. Their love story and it has been one since the beginning even when she didn’t know it, has been beautiful in its development. I can understand how someone who has been tremendously hurt in the past would seek refuge behind the walls of academia and learning. Books are much safer, but on the other hand much lonelier than being around people. And being people, we still crave human interaction even when it is frightening. Seeing Bones in real time during the first four years accepting the importance that Booth holds in her life and her attempts to reconcile their relationship or what she understood it to be, with their reality at the time and her own sensibilities, has endeared her to me. My hubby I don’t think understands exactly why I identify and love the character of Bones so much. She speaks to me, I know that I am no where near her intellectual capacity but I identify with her internal pain and how easy it is for her to get hurt in some ways.

I love Bones. I am going to be so sad when the series finishes, I hope that it keeps going for as long as possible. I would watch Bones and Booth get old together in a heartbeat.