Write a script for a late-night infomercial — where the product is your blog. How do you market yourself? What qualities do you embody that other “products” don’t? What are the benefits of reading your blog?

I don't know how to market myself. What would I say to those poor souls who are still up late at night? "Hey are you having trouble sleeping? Well do I have the blog for you! The minute that you start reading, you'll be lulled to sleep especially when you read her posts about cooking, you'll be guaranteed to dream of roast beef, mashed potatoes, or if you have a hankering for dessert, you will be salivating in your dreams.!"

Actually that isn't half bad, if I had troubles sleeping, I would subscribe to a blog that would guarantee me sleep and wonderful dreams about food. A person might lose weight dreaming about food instead of actually eating it lol.

What else do I have? There is the occasional movie and book review, when I travel, I write about restaurants and hotels, when at home I write about my efforts in the garden, so there is a little bit for a variety of people.

The posts are never so very long that one would get bored or at least not too bored. There is a little bit of soul-baring, not too much, just enough to get a better glimpse of the blogger, me. 🙂

That's what I have for now.

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