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Since my hubby and I have been on the road so much lately, we haven’t had the opportunity to correctly celebrate the baby boy’s birthday on his special day which was Wednesday so I thought that making him his favorite dessert would be a nice thing to do as well as make him one of his favorite meals, rack of lamb and mashed potatoes. The cheesecake is an awfully good dessert, the cream cheese mixture slides down the throat in such a comforting way, very soothing in nature. I make it using the recipe that my hubby found and it has made many taste buds very happy. I am looking forward to having a piece later on this evening when it comes out of the refrigerator. It needs to rest for several hours in the fridge to properly set up, it is almost four hours in the cold box so any minute now. I will wait for the baby boy to get home but every time I open the refrigerator, the tempting smell of cheesecake is hard to resist.






It is so nice to bake and cook for the people you love.