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Today is day one and after being on the road with my hubby and having finally gotten home, after I am done with this post I am going to sit, write as many words for The Chic Bootlegger as possible before getting too tired. I had a full day, while my hubby was in meeting after meeting, he made arrangements for me to get a facial and a manicure/pedicure. I have to say that the facial was an experience and a half, it was a marine themed facial and I don’t know what was put on my face but the constant facial massage was divine. I did not want it to end and when it did, inside my head I was saying “don’t stop” I told the nice lady that she had hit every single stress spot; my shoulders, my neck and my sinuses and my temples. Her name is Josephina, she hails from Guatemala, she has wonderful hands and we had a wonderful conversation during the manicure/pedicure part. There was absolute silence during the facial time and it was glorious, it allowed me to focus on the aromatherapy of the facial. All of the scents involved transported me to France, specifically to the bathroom at Tantine Cecile’s, the lingering scents of her soap and her shampoo. I felt so very relaxed while my neck and shoulders were being deeply massaged and then the hands would move to my temples and my forehead and in firm circular motions, made the negative feelings fade away. It felt wonderful. Now to writing my novel. It’s funny that I need a self imposed deadline to get me to write. Actually it isn’t funny, I was the same in college, without a deadline I flailed at writing. So here is to a month’s worth of novel writing.