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As I am typing these words, my iPad is showing the time to be 11:39, in two minutes twenty two years ago, our baby born was born at 11:41 a.m. Those numbers are emblazoned in my mind, the clock was right in front of me it seemed. It was 36 hours of hard back labor and 11:41 was the minute that I felt him liberated from my body and then silence. I asked why isn’t my baby crying and more silence, finally there was a cry and he was whisked away as was I, to a room with the nurse taking care of me. Eventually they brought our baby boy to me and I nursed him, my mother was there as was my hubby. My hubby had been with me the entire time as was the entire hospital, or so it felt like it. At one point I had two midwives, two nurses and a bunch of student nurses, Saint Vincent’s hospital was a teaching hospital so I guess my case was more interesting than others for the length, pain and natural aspect of it all. We went completely natural, which somewhere in the throes of pain I asked my hubby for something, anything to take the pain away. During those seemingly eternal hours of pain, I felt out of my mind with pain, I couldn’t formulate a single coherent thought, word, or anything, I felt reduced to instinct and animal feeling. So I begged him to go out to seventh avenue and find me anything that would take the pain away. He nodded and didn’t move, lol. Mother Nature is miraculous in her ability to release amnesiac chemicals in women’s brains that make them forget exactly how labor goes because women do it again. I have to say that the end result is completely and stupendously worth it. My hubby and I fell in love with our beautiful baby boy, the minute that he was a bump in my belly. We talked to him and used to watch him do his acrobatics in my belly, that was part of the problem in the delivery, he had tangled himself up with the cord because of his shenanigans, the little dynamo. He spent three days in neo-natal, all nine and a half pounds of him. After that he and I were inseparable, I was his food and he was hungry all the time, he grew it seemed exponentially, he eventually got the nickname the Michelin man. He had all of the rolls that make babies so cute and you want to just nibble on them. Now today he is a grown twenty two year old young man. Time flies incredibly fast, I remember his birth as if it were yesterday. It is truly amazing. Happy Birthday baby boy!