Write a post in the style of (or simply inspired by) a favorite author.

How I wish that I knew how to write in a way similar to that of William Shakespeare, that would be wonderful for me or so I assume that it would. I wonder how Shakespeare himself felt about his work, did he sit back after the last word was written and smile or did he jump from his chair and immediately round up the gang to make them run their lines on the stage? Either way, not bad for a writer or the bard.

In a few days time, actually two days to be exact, I am going to try to conquer and finish my novel. All that I have to do is imagine and capture what life in Manhattan New York 1925-1926 will mean to my heroine, the everyday life is what is giving me trouble, how exciting, how different, how scary, how troubling, these are the questions that I am struggling with, my book is never far from my thoughts, it isn't that I have given up, I have been ruminating on it for months now. I just will sit my buttocks on the chair and crack the words out come Nov. 1. Nanowrimo has served me well for two years now and hopefully the third time will be the charm and I will have a finished book to hawk to agents and publishers. One can only dream.

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