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As I was walking to the Apple store on Bolyston Street in Boston, I looked up and I was taken with the beauty and clarity of the blue sky right above my head. Seeing the moon showing its face with a trail of pristine white streaking through the blue, I was compelled to take a picture.

I had to go to the Apple store because my iPad went into a coma again, this time to never see the light of day again. My tech genius Kevin was very helpful and kind, he replaced my iPad with a new one because the old one was at fault, no cost to me. So I am writing with my new iPad. I also went to an Urgent Care center because I self diagnosed myself with a kidney infection and I was correct, so I am on a strong dose of antibiotics and I should be as good as new in the coming week. A full day and the doctor told me that I need to rest and drink a lot of liquids, which I am doing and will do for the next week and beyond. Your body is your temple. I need to listen to that saying more often.