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6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?

Oh 6:00 AM is not my friend and 3:00 AM is not a comrade either. I need a lot of sleep, I always have, even when I was younger. I know that I did chafe against my bedtime, but when I was in bed, I didn’t try to fight sleep, I let it come because I enjoyed sleeping, sleeping sometimes was more pleasant than being awake, what with nice dreams, cocooned under the covers all safe and sound. Who wouldn’t want to stay asleep?

The only reason that I ever complained about going to bed was because I was missing t.v shows, but my mommy in her infinite wisdom, knew that her oldest needed the sleepy time. What was amazing is that my little sister’s nickname was Dracula, my father came up with that one because getting her to fall asleep was a nightly battle and getting her up in the morning was no picnic either. It is a constant source of amazement that two children coming from the same parents can be so different. Well in the case of myself and my sister, it isn’t so surprising about our sleep differences, because I inherited my father’s capacity for sleep and my sister inherited my mother’s difficulties in sleep. Personally I think that I lucked out, sleep is such a luxury and so good for you. Sleep is your friend, embrace it, I do. 🙂