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Part of the reason for our New York weekend was to celebrate our baby boy’s birthday, since he will be turning 22 during this week, we wanted to celebrate together as a family and weekends are the best time for those. It still amazes me that my hubby and I have a son who is 22 and a daughter who is 19. However no matter how adult they think that they are, they still get all excited for their birthdays, they are so cute with their excitement. Our baby boy had a few requests for his birthday dinner; my brother-in-law face-booked him with questions as to what he wanted, since we were having the dinner at my sister’s house. First our son wanted the usual as a starter; rillettes de saumon (salmon spread) and then he picked roast beef, he asked for string beans, his favorite and my mother decided to get some tiny Yukon Gold potatoes to roast in the oven at the same time as the roast. Now for the best part, the baby boy asked for cheesecake, I didn’t have the time to make it at home so my mother went to our favorite patisserie La Cannelle to buy it.

When we got to my sister’s house the first thing that we all did was introduce ourselves and Jack to the newest member of my sister’s family, Harry their puppy. Harry is a rescue puppy, a mix of Retriever and either Beagle or Basset Hound, he is 8 months old and he is adorable. He is a little on the shy side and he and Jack played outside for a while and at first it was all play until it wasn’t and Jack felt it necessary to lay down the law. He didn’t like Harry sniffing at his backside and he made it known loud and clear. My brother-in-law and sister were really understanding about Jack putting his foot down, I was feeling as if Jack should have been more understanding but I realize that I was projecting unreasonable expectations onto our little Jack, a dog, not a human. They had some time in different rooms and then we they were reunited, it was all back to nicey-nice and sniffing and being together.

When we got around to the food, the roast wasn’t just any roast, it was a standing rib roast, all majestic and such, quite a sight to behold when it was pulled from the oven. The string beans and the potatoes were beautifully prepared and the juices that came with the rib roast were so delicious. When the rib roast was carved and brought to the table, it was mouth watering to look at, the slices were all cooked to rare to medium-rare and they were so tender. My niece and my nephew were watching the baby boy dip his bread into the accumulated juices on the platter which just happened to look like blood and they decided that they wanted to do the same so they kept asking the baby boy to dip their pieces of bread into the blood. My nephew was saying out loud and proud, blood tastes real good. It was funny, our little man has the gift of making everyone laugh. After a nice salad and great cheeses, dessert was served. We ate our cheesecake though we had one criticism, it was too sweet for our palettes, and like I said, it didn’t stop us from eating it.

We had such a wonderful dinner, I think that the baby boy was very happy with the weekend all around. I do have one thing to say, our Jack is sooooooooo happy being home. He is caput on the couch and probably will be tomorrow as well.