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Today my hubby, the baby boy, Jack and I went into the city via subway to walk around the village, NoHo, SoHo and all around the general area. Jack was such a well behaved little man both on the subway and walking the streets of New York. When we got to my old stomping grounds of Washington Square Park, Astor Place and Cooper Union, I did feel a strong surge of nostalgia for the younger me and my adventures back then. I took pictures of the back of the building on Lafayette Street that used to house the Conran’s Store and its Marketing, Advertizing and Catalog Departments, I could see my former huge window that was the wall of my cubicle on the second floor. I took two pictures of the facades of several buildings on Lafayette Street and my window was the long rectangular one right above the red traffic light in the red and cream colored building. My job as Catalog Coordinator was definitely never boring, quite challenging at times and always fun.

The other pictures are of views that I found to be interesting and pretty. Cooper Union is one of New York’s universities with an impressive history especially for those who identify as progressive; it was founded on the concept of free education and I know that Theodore Roosevelt spent many hours at Cooper Union after his years at Harvard, I think that it was in the pursuit of his law degree.

Jack was such a trooper today, he sat on my lap without making a peep during the forty minute subway ride, he walked for a few hours and then back on the subway for the forty minute ride back. He also acted like a well mannered dog while we eating at a small French restaurant on Hudson Street called La Petite Abeille (the little bee) we ate outside and he stayed quietly next to us waiting for us to finish our Eggs Benedict. Today was definitely a good day, I have more to tell but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m pooped myself.