Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong — and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright.

I am fairly sure that I have answered this prompt before, but I don't remember what I had written, so I am answering this as if for the first time. I wonder if my memory will continue on this downward spiral and if every day will seem to be brand spanking new? That could be good, for me at least, because I won't know any better, but for those around me, I'm sure that it will be tedious and annoying.

Anyway, there was this one time when I had a friend flying in from Europe to visit me, this was way before the advent of cell phones and as I went into the garage to start my parent's car, all I heard was click, click. The battery was dead, I hit the steering wheel several times, it didn't change anything but I did feel better for doing it. I got out of the car, went to the bank and took out quite a bit of money because I had no other choice but to call a cab. Of course any time that you need a cab, there are none to be found, I waited an excruciating hour for the car to finally show up, by this time the plane had landed and it is a forty five minute drive out to JFK when there is no traffic, but on that day there was agonizing amounts of traffic everywhere, we couldn't have gone slower if I had harnessed the cab to my back and pulled it myself. We finally got to JFK and I told, not even asked, the driver to stay put, he was getting a return fare, us. I ran into the terminal and there was my friend waiting patiently, I hugged my friend and while we were in the cab I told my friend the whole story, that escapade put me back 80 dollars but getting my friend from the airport was definitely worth it and I know how anti cell phone I am normally but this was an instance where a cell phone would have made the situation less torturous.

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