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I have to say that my hubby and I are quite happy with this fall season of new shows and the reprisal of our faves from last spring. Tonight we have Bones and Sleepy Hollow to look forward to, Bones I have been watching since day one, a decade’s worth I think, and Sleepy Hollow is an excellent new show. Whoever came up with the premiss is extremely creative, Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman are tied together through time by a spell and someone woke one of them up so hence the other is woken as well. The amount of folklore and legend is soooo cool, I have yet to be disappointed by a single episode. It doesn’t hurt that Ichabod is a dreamy British dude who is very charming and the lead detective is a feisty, very pretty, young, intelligent and gutsy detective. They make a great deductive and courageous pair when fighting the supernatural.

Bones is as I said one of my favorites. I adore the character of Bones, everything about her, from her back story to her quirks and her social awkwardness, even her extremely high opinion of her brilliance which within the context of the show you can’t dispute. Booth is of course our noble hero, he has his own foibles but he complements Bones on every level, they even deal with his devotion to his Catholicism versus Bones steadfast atheism. I have been watching these two characters for a decade, along with their friends within the lab and now this season we are finally going to get a wedding! Bones who never believed in the sanctity of marriage, now has come to love Booth to the point that she feels marrying him is right and natural. Booth being excited and wanting to marry Bones is beautiful and romantic, but the real champion of love and commitment is Temperance Brennan (Bones) herself. Her willingness to throw her customary caution and self-preservation of all things heart related, to the wind and take that “leap of faith” with Booth and their future is to me the ultimate thing of beauty.

I am going to have my tissues handy for their wedding show, I can’t wait.

P.S The whole other slew of cool shows are all supernatural related such as The Originals, a show about the original vampires who are one thousand years old. It is a spinoff of the Vampire Diaries, self explanatory. There is the new show called The Witches of East End, about a family of witches who keep coming back time and time again, always fighting a new threat, Then there is another show that we have fallen in love with called Haven, it’s about a small town in Maine, whose denizens have “troubles” and the main characters Audrey and Nathan help uncover the cause and thus resolve their troubles before more people get hurt. Great t.v!!