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Today my hubby, the baby boy and I went for a nice drive in the countryside towards Great Barrington, the foliage was magnificent to look at, when we got to Great Barrington, I walked past a beautiful garden and I knew that I had to take a picture to remember it for myself so that I can keep that inspiration for next spring when it comes to planting time. What I had seen is precisely what I had imagined for my garden to look like as a “finished” project, not that a garden is ever finished. My job is to find out what plants those are and make it a point to get them for next year starting in May. I may not be able to plant them until June but at least I’ll be able to keep them in the garage until I am ready to plant them.



Pretty isn’t it, that is exactly what I want for the front of my house during the autumn season, one of these years I might get there with proper planning, care, maintenance and patience.