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My hubby wanted to see The Fifth Estate instead of Rush which I have to say surprised me because normally a movie like The Fifth Estate he would say merits a small screen, but today that is what he wanted to see. Our baby boy, who went with us to the movies, went into watch Rush alone. He loved it, he said it fed his adrenaline need and it is a Ron Howard movie so nothing more needs to be said; movie review courtesy of the baby boy.

Now for The Fifth Estate; I thought that it was a good movie, it is based on the book written by Daniel Berg, the former close associate of Julian Assuange, who later called him a traitor and disavowed the subsequent book and movie. While watching the movie it was difficult to separate the personalities from the website, the organization and the mission. Julian Assuange is the founder and visionary of the Wikileaks organization but after awhile, you see from the movie’s point of view that for Julian it isn’t only about the information, it is also about him and therein lies the issue. Daniel Berg on the other hand is a simpler individual and I think that he gets overwhelmed by the gravity of the responsibility and Julian’s narrow view of his organization and the services he wants to provide to the world.

I believe that Wikileaks is important and provides our society globally an important service; keeping those in power and institutions honest. Assuange keeps saying that individual privacy is important, whistleblowers be kept secret and institutions transparent . I completely believe that we need to strive for that and hopefully Wikileaks will be around for a long time. Considering what we learned about the United States military forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, I want the U.S government to think twice before they think that they can act with impunity against civilians. My hubby and I think that this was an important movie to see and a piece of history was unfolded before our eyes. If you don’t see it in the movies, keep it in mind for Netflix orHBO.