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I wanted to exercise today while I was waiting for my hubby so I walked for a bit and I saw a pretty building that had open stairs, I walked up five flights and got to the rooftop where I had such beautiful vistas all 360 around me. It was a truly glorious view, the autumn colors and the buildings, the landmarks and everything. I also have a confession to make; ever since my baby girl told me that I should get a real camera because I have a great eye for taking pictures, I have been looking for beautiful things to photograph. I never thought that I took good pictures but when my daughter said that to me and I trust her judgement and her taste. She has excellent fashion and decorating taste, not to mention a fabulous sense of style. She definitely doesn’t get it from me and I am grateful that she got it from somewhere. Being a girl was difficult for me because I never felt comfortable dressing up or wearing makeup because I never felt it, put me in pants, gorgeous men’s style shoes and an easy to care for hair style and I am so happy. My mother and my sister just know how to be feminine, I don’t. Anyway if my baby girl says I have an eye for photography then I believe her. 🙂