Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.

Why did I pick the letter "w"? Why not, I say and also I do like to ask questions and the question words start with the letter "w". Words are the conduit of our language and is it coincidental that "w" is the first letter of word? Where will I go with this prompt is anyone's guess. When I picked "w" I didn't think too far in advance as in the plot or the narrative. Was this a poor choice? What do you think, I suppose if I weren't so tired, my synapses would be firing a little more productively and I would be writing something a little more interesting.

Will there be other writers with better posts than this one? Would I were to be a betting person, I would bet there are definitely many who are doing a much better job than I in this exercise. Would gifted writers engage in this type of writing practice? Wonder is all that I can do for the moment. Willful choosing of "w" words isn't the easiest thing to do while keeping a consistent thread going for the post. Would that my readers indulge me in this crazy prompt. Wonder how my friend Tilly Bud would approach this prompt.

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