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My poor hubby. He has never taken his teeth for granted but due to a faulty old root canal, he spent two hours having oral surgery to scrape away a horrid infection surrounding his nerves leading up his left cheekbone. This abscess came overnight and my poor hubby woke up with his left side swollen and red from the infection. He was steered to a great orthodontist from his very good friend so we we made a beeline for his practice this morning. The nurses were lovely and took very good care of them while they were preparing him for the quite painful surgery. I’m glad that my hubby is exceptionally proactive about his health and his teeth, the infection he is fighting is quite dangerous simply because it could migrate to his brain if left unchecked. The orthodontist gave him a strong regimen of antibiotics to kill the infection and if all goes well, he should be right as rain in a few days and he knows to take antibiotics through their entire course to insure that the infection is gone for good. The poor lamb.